Responding to the Generosity of God

Next month the whole Anglican Team of churches are taking part in a Stewardship campaign. What does that mean? You may well ask. It’s not a word we use often is it?

Well, stewardship is all to do with how we use the resources God has given us. It starts with an understanding that all we are; ourselves, our gifts and talents and all we have; our time, our money and possessions all have their beginning in God himself. (Most Sundays we say in worship                    ‘Everything we have comes from you and of your own do we give you.’)

Our vision and purpose as a church is summed up in our statement: “Praise, Nurture, Serve.” We do this by growing deeper as disciples in three key areas of relationship: UP (Loving, worshipping and serving God); IN (Loving and serving our families, friends and church family) and OUT (Loving and serving our neighbour; Witnessing; Seeking Justice; Caring for creation).

We all have a vital part to play in achieving this purpose and in building for growth. To this end, ‘All Member Ministry’ is one of our core values. That is, we all (from the youngest to the oldest) share in the work of the local church and in Christ's ministry and mission in the world. At St. David’s we seek to provide an environment in which each person can be nurtured and flourish in their faith and use their God given gifts, talents and time in his service – in and outside of the church; so that we can become the people that God has created us uniquely to be. As someone has said: “It is not the church of God that has a mission but the missionary God who has a church”

To help us all think about the part we play we will be asking people to complete a simple questionnaire to help us think about our own contributions. Alongside this we will be asking everyone to review their financial giving to the work of the church. Many of you will know that every church relies on the generosity of the giving of its members to pay the bills, 

and like most churches in the valley and many nationwide, we are finding that we are unable to pay all of those bills. Of course we understand that in the present climate some people are giving all that they can and there is no pressure to increase your giving if you are in that position. All we ask is that everyone considers every aspect of how we respond to the love and generosity of God towards us.

There is so much which is positive and which is to be celebrated in the life of our church and the literature we will send out in the middle of February explores much of this. 

For now, let me just say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ for your involvement in our church, whatever that involvement is. You are a part of God’s church, the community God has called to make a positive difference to the world in which we live. I believe with all my heart that there is no greater movement that any human being can give themselves to. 

May God bless you all, 

With love in Christ