Last month clergy from the new Huddersfield area of the new diocese met with the Bishop of Huddersfield, Jonathan Gibbs. He took the opportunity to outline his vision and priorities for the future which are very much in line with what we're hearing from the Bishop of Leeds and the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is offering the statement 'Growing Churches – Changing Communities' as a summary.

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A couple of years ago, I was travelling on some obscure back roads in the Dales and I was hopelessly lost – so I got out the Sat Nav and plugged it in. Before long I was listening to a voice speaking in perfect Queen's English; they use a Home Counties accent because it sounds more intelligent and you're more likely to do what they say. And it was a woman's voice because.....same thing!

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Wholeness and well-being are words which are bandied about a lot, but they are concepts that the Christian faith has a lot more to say about than many imagine.

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In just the 11 years I've been in full time ministry I've seen a progressive change in society. People are busier, more is demanded by employers, especially it seems the government and local authorities. People are more stressed and pressured than I can ever remember. At the same time things that contributed to keeping society and communities together have been eroded:
The Sabbath rest of Sunday (a special day to slow down, a day for God and family) is now far less observed for a whole range of reasons.

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These days gyms are some of the busiest buildings in our communities. Physical health, exercise, diet are high on the agenda for many people, certainly in the media. Browse the window at Waterstones or WH Smiths and you’ll see umpteen books on diet, health and fitness. It’s big business. Lower down on the agenda however is spiritual health, the balance of body, mind and spirit. The Christian faith at its best has understood human beings to be an indivisible union of all three.

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