I love new experiences; new ways of seeing things, things which can broaden our perspectives and enrich our lives.

A few weeks ago I spent three days at Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire. A community of Catholic monks is about as far away in the spectrum of Christian tradition as you can get from my background.

I went with the intention of having a few days of quiet, an opportunity to pray and reflect; something that’s not always easy to find in every day life, even (or especially!) as a vicar. 

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You don’t have to dig too deep in the gospel books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to see that Jesus loved being with people.


He had his closer friends, the twelve disciples and others who followed him around, but he was always expanding his circle, always reaching out to others.

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Discerning a vision for the future is right at the heart of the life of our church at this moment in time. To do so we must consider the following:


What is the central purpose of the church?


What does the New Testament (building on the Old Testament) say it is?


What does Jesus say it is? A number of things, but centrally:

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A Vision of Hope

Vision, a word which has found its way into so many different uses in the English language. Most of us will spend some of our lives in front of the tele-vision.

We might have our eyes tested at Vision Express.

When we’re preparing for exams we might be involved in re-vision.

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